Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheap Shit to do in NYC

People are always asking me to suggest shit to do for cheap or free in NYC. In the summer, I basically recommend all the parks (I have particular ones that are my faves, another entry).

But in order to justify my doing nothing tonight, here's a list of movie theatres that I like that are relatively cheap. I'm stealing segments of this list off of this awesome compilation.

1. BAM Rose Cinemas - $9 student, $7.50 before 5pm (I'm aching to get that $400 free admission to movies all year pass)
2. 92YTribeca - apparently $30 will cover movie + dinner + discussion with film professsors from around NYC. Supa cool dude.
3. Cinema village - $8 student
4. Cafe Steinhof - Free movies after dinner 10:30pm on Sundays. Austrian food.
5. Tribeca Grand Theatre - FREE every Sunday at 8:30pm with RSVP (only 100 seats in supa fancy hotel!!! awesome classics!)
6. Kew Garden Cinemas - $6.50 all day T/Th, $7.50 before 5pm any day
7. Moma - $6 student!! Okay you just gotta hang out there Fridays is the point. Free admission after 4pm and free movies too. Sometimes award winning ones for the year, sometimes classics like Bertolucci this entire month.
8. Rubin Museum - Okay you just gotta hang out there Fridays is the point, as well. After 6pm, there's a live DJ, the galleries are free, and at 9:30pm there's a screening that's free with a $7 purchase from the bar.
9. Sony Wonders Tech Lab - RSVP supa necessary on Mondays before screening. You gotta be there Saturdays at 2pm, it's absolutely FREE!! They play big ass mainstream films like the Social Network most recently.
10. Resistance Cinema - Sunday at 1pmish, RADICAL films. Free, donation appreciated. Community Church NYC Gallery Room, 28 East 35th St. @ Park Ave.

If it's free blues you're after, you can't do any better than the gratis shows every Friday and Saturday night at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. Shows start at 9 p.m.; get there early for good seats.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

children & such.

hello hello
so it's a new year yay! i was thinking of some lists i could put up...and I won't do a new year's resolution list, I kind of still have to think about it. Instead, I've been thinking about children. At the cusp of my 20 years, I feel that a lot of people around me have begun to think about children, and families. Truthfully, I'm still quite freaked out by them, and think of them either as equivalent to pets (and this is not necessarily a bad thing, I think truly fondly of cats, for example) -- the only difference being that one day children will actually be able to talk to me -- or as vessels onto which I can deposit all my desires for knowledge. That said, here's...

a list of things I would like my children (or someone else's children) -- boys/girls/intersexed -- to learn:
  • at least five languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian)
  • how to sew / do crafty things
  • how to cook
  • carpentry
  • horseback riding
  • how to swim
  • yoga/pilates
  • some crazy extreme sport....surfing is kinda cool, nice culture. mountain climbing?
  • how to program / do tech-y things.
yeah that's a lame list.

Instead, take a look at Time Magazine's list of 50 Best Websites 2009

Music: Lupe's Daydream

Thursday, December 31, 2009

blog remake!

hellu hellu!

So, after some thought I've finally given this blog a more centralized theme. On here, I will post lists, reviews and challenges to myself. Lists, mainly because I love them and I tend to think in list form frequently. It's like having several collections I can keep track of. Reviews, because I watch movies daily (I'm at 300-something after a year and a half) and I love books. Challenges to myself, because I've many things to refine about myself, and it's always fun pushing the limit of your comfort zone, maximizing your potential.

List No. 1: Countries I want to visit
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Spain
  • India
  • Mexico
  • All of South & Central America (I can't think of any reason to not go to every single country)
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Denmark
  • Jamaica
  • Czechoslovakia
  • France
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • The Philippines
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Moldova
  • Haiti
  • Martinique
  • Morocco
Challenge No. 1: Waste less time on the internet doing useless things

This is what I do when I'm left alone with a computer with working internet: stare at my email, look at pictures on facebook, browse clothing retailers' websites, read reddit (the useless stuff), and usually a day-specific useless task of the day. Two days ago, it was going through Netflix's watch instantly selection and choosing 200+ titles I want to watch in the future. I've still to watch a single one. Other days, it's look for DIY clothing tutorials online (if you want to indulge in this crazy task, check out Burdastyle haha). But never actually getting a project going. Yesterday, I spent looking for ways to customize my sister's desktop. I found some cool things (an alarm clock, for example). But mainly, just a lot of nothing. So, as long as I am challenging myself to waste less time on the internet doing useless things, I must make a list at the end of the day to see what exactly I did. So far, today, I've: looked up Etta James songs, read some reddit, surfed fb. ...Onto some productivity!!!!

Cool thing: If you're on a Mac, and using Safari, press apple + ctrl + D while you hover over a word. Yeah, the dictionary definition comes up, crazy righttt???
Daily musical delight: Rescue Me by Aretha Franklin

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello nobody!

I'm excited about this blog. Something tells me I should give it more of a purpose and structure than I am currently endowing it, but for now whatever content I decide to put on here will just be whatever I deem interesting/important/blog-worthy.

Today, this notion of appetite intrigued me, particularly because one of my suitemates mentioned it in correlation to the desire of the modern woman. She's reading this book called Appetites: Why Women Want for class.
What a great word to succinctly capture the crisis of woman. Appetite: we feed, but don't eat. Literally, there are eating disorders consuming women all over (mainly) the world. We are consumed, too, by consumerism, by sexual desires, in such a way that the "nutritional" value of this ingestion is completely empty, regurgitated. Perhaps it's just a symptom of the modern experience, "the spectacle" - the obsession with materials that do not actually fill anything, only generate vacuous selves. But I think there really is something behind, specifically, the female experience.

I write this because I've recently become consumed by these "binging" reactions to my free time. Yesterday, I shopped online for two or so hours in between classes. It was such an impulsive act, and I am so very often disillusioned with the results of my shopping experience. I remember one time shopping with my best friend and seeing the absurdity of it all: "I will never look as good as the women in the catalogs! What's the point of shopping?" No, this is not me coming out with a confession of my self-esteem issues...but rather, I just want to take a moment and contemplate, where exactly is the satisfaction, especially with a thing like fashion, that so instantaneously becomes obsolete, so "worn." I don't have the time to look like those girls every day (I could if I tried), I can't even bear having to blend eyeshadows and whatever. My roommate commented once on a girl at our school (Yale): "she really doesn't have the right picture," referring to this girl's ott obsession with dressing well every day. Aren't we in an institution solely devoted to intellectual pursuit? Well, no, solely? never. This place is much more. But I guess there's this agreement that we're here to discover not the cosmetic appeal of a person, but rather all the beautiful stuff of their insides.

To bring it back to appetite, so we feed some kind of craving by shopping. We want to feed, what? ...Identity. Clothes, appearances, are so much a part of our identities. Brought this up in Orientalism today -- Lawrence of Arabia changes his garb in order to "be" one of the natives. How much of me is really exposed through my clothing? Today I wore a striped blouse with wing-type sleeves, covered the bottom half with one of my favorite skirts (it was $1!), stockings, my latest flat boots, my roommate's comfy scarf, and a faux leather jacket. What does this say about me? Well if I were to tell people how much the skirt was, they'd be able to tell how frugal I'm always looking to be. Because if I'm to do this fashion thing, I'm going to prove that my obsession is not so great that I need to reproduce the styles in magazines to the very price. I'm proud of my cheap ass, yes. (Haha, not that ass) Also, this faux leather jacket thing probably says I follow fashion trends....yes, those are in. Again, I find myself in emptiness, I am not this. I care about presentation, but I want so much more for people to give a shit about the stuffing of my insides. I'd take an interesting person any day much more than a hot person. This summer, however, I discovered that people are all very shallow. I was approached by several people summer, that would not have approached me had I dressed more normally. In fact, they DIDN'T approach me when I was dressed normally. To what extent should I push this notion of "presentation" so that I'm approached by interesting people but not so that I am just the presentation, or a mannequin?

Well, those are some thoughts for today. Excitement hovers over this blog! What are some thoughts out there? You'll find that so much of me is about the recognition of my own contradictions, and a lack of action around them. So it's very idiosyncratic of me to say right now that, for the time being, I'll just keep dressing however I want to, as long as I am an "educated consumer." HA! What a joke.

Oh man, it's so much worse if I were to talk about sex & appetite.

Music Must: Mayra Andrade
News: Lula proposes a new world governing body. Let's dispose of the IMF already...